The Wonders of Nando’s

Occasionally, I treat myself to a delicious cheat meal. A nice tasty plate of Nando's. It's not very often I venture over to the realms of fast food (can you call it that?) but Nando's is one of my favourite places to eat. It's absolutely gorgeous. Well the truth is, I have a Nandos Black Card, which allows me to have free Nando's for the rest of my life. Please don't ask my … [Read more...]

The 5 Essential Rules To A Cellulite Cure


In this free eBook, I will teach you the 5 essential rules to a Cellulite cure. You will uncover the truths about Cellulitis and the almost magical cure: Rule 1 - Stop using those creams Rule 2 - The lack of real treatments available Rule 3 - The superfood that actually works Rule 4 - The Cure. An extremely lost cost method that resurfaces the skin and completely … [Read more...]

What Are Superfoods?

oaty goodness

What are they? Superfoods are a type food that a super dense in nutritional content. These types of food contribute to the overall well being of our health. Some nutritionists believe that the consumption of daily super foods will help lower the risk of depression, cholesterol, heart failure and detoxing. Blueberries Blueberries are an excellent resource of Additionally … [Read more...]

Skin and Hair Advice

dry skin

Blemished Skin Soaring testosterone and progesterone levels ahead of your period may cause adult acne to erupt round nose, chin, and the mouth. And hormonal stress can exacerbate eczema--dry, eczema is an extreme dry skin condition that causes itchiness. To handle adult acne, which tends to more inflammatory rather than teenage hormones and has a tendency tocome up in the … [Read more...]